Monday, May 12, 2008

Up the Nose it Goes

A friend sent me a Mother's Day e-mail and one of the thoughts was:

If you think you can find all the information you need for child-rearing in a book,
you have never had a child stuff peas up his nose or down his ears!

I started laughing because that is so true.

When Ethan was about three, we had been to the mall with a friend of mine and her little girl. We were driving home and her little girl started yelling that Ethan was bleeding. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw red all over his face. Thinking he was hemorrhaging, I jerked the car off the road and jumped out to get to him. By this time, he was crying. He had stuffed red hot candies up his nose and they were melting and to say the least burning!!

Find that one in a book on raising kids!


  1. Well MaryJo poked a yellow color up her nose. We had to take her to the doctor. Everytime he would reach up her nose to retreive the color with twisters, it would break into pieces. She was screeming. I said just leave it alone. He looked at me like I was crazy and pushed the color down her throat. That is just one thing she did. There are several others. That don't always cover these things in the "How
    To" books. Loved you blog. LOVE YOU Mary Lois

  2. Ha, that made me laugh out loud!! I am glad you finally started blogging. I really get a blessing from reading your posts.

  3. Oh! That hurts just thinking about it!