Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Amazing Dad

Dedicated to Dave Mobley, an amazing dad. Dave doesn't run marathons with Michael, but I know he would if he thought that's what Michael wanted him to do. I know if Dave thought running in marathons and participating in triathlons would help Michael, he would do it. He has done everything else.

Dave is in a competition everyday of his life. He competes to give Michael the best possible life he can have.

God bless Dave on this Father's Day.

As you watch the video, please say a prayer for Dave and Michael.


  1. From the first time I read Dave's "Justice for Michael" web site I have been so impressed with the Love Dave has for his son Michael. I have Dave's daily scedule taped on my frig. Any day I think I have too much to do I go take a look at his schedule. I want to also pay tribute to Dave and to Michael for the fight they have been in to give Michael a better quality of life. Thanks Cheri for a job well done in writing this tribute to Dave.

  2. I have followed this man's blog as well and the love this man has for his son is so amazing. May God continue to be with Dave and Michael as they travel on this journey together.