Saturday, June 14, 2008


I decided to let Ethan be a "quest blogger" today. He has been wanting to post some of his thoughts about politics and the war but I decided it would be safer to start off with him talking about his dad. So the rest is from Ethan.

Dad, I love you more than life itself. Thanks for teaching me how to play golf and water ski. Thanks for taking me to Calvary to go to church. You take great care of me.

I think I got my good looks from you. Thanks for marrying mom. She's a great cook and a good dancer. You can't dance but she can.

I'm gonna try real hard at therapy. I'm gonna help you out with everything I can do.

You are a sweet, old man.

I'm sorry I got hurt.

Here's some pictures mom found of us.

I love ya, Pa.

Nice to met you, dad.

You made a way for me to go swimming even with a broken leg.

You took us to Disney.

You took us Washington, D.C.

Remember June Jam in North Alabama?

You did what ever I wanted you to do,even if you didn't want to.

We are two hot men.

You are my best buddy in the world.

You help me so much. So much.

Here we are at Aunt Deborah's house.

We love to be outside, don't we?

You stuck me in a closet during Hurricane Denny but we survived.

You know how much I love the water. Thanks for holding me up so I can go swimming.
Mom says this is her most favorite picture of us ever. Because she thought I was gone.
But I'm not.

Happy Father's Day


  1. Ethan I loved your blog. Please blog more often. You are an excellent writer. I bet you have a lot to say that we all need to hear. With my hearing so bad, I'll just love your writen blog. If I don't get it the first time instead of say "what", I can just read it again. LOVE YOU and I want you to know YOU BLESS ME GREATLY. MaryLois

  2. Great Job, Ethan. Can't wait to hear your views on politics. I loved the pictures and all the nice things about your dad. Welcome to the blogosphere!! Keep up the good work. Love the Jacksons

  3. I really enjoyed your blog today! I am sure Josh would love to hear your views on politics. He loves to argue! We love you.

  4. Hey Ethan, this is your favorite person in ATL. It was great to hear your thoughts about your dad. I have known him for a long time and I agree with you, he exemplifies all of those qualities. Let us hear from you again real soon. I am so excited about your therapy. I am still us to do the Peach Tree Road Race. Love you. Mary Jo

  5. Good to get a mans perspective!!!!