Thursday, July 24, 2008


A couple of days ago my aunt gave me a book. Like everything else in my life these days, there’s a God story to it.

A week before, Angie had a post on her blog where she listed some of her favorite books. Because many of her favorite books were also mine, I was surprised she listed two books by an author I had never heard of before. I thought, hmm, I wonder who that is. The author's name was Guyon. I thought maybe in the future, I would try to read one of her books.

Well, the book my aunt gave me was one of the books Angie had listed by Jeanne Guyon, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. I told her about Angie’s blog and thought, what a coincidence. That night while watching TV with Ethan, I was roaming through some of my favorite blogs. Boomama had a post that said Angie had written a new post and that it was beautiful. So I clicked on her site to read it.

Angie is young enough to be my daughter. Or should I say, I’m old enough to be her mother? I like the first one better! We don't appear to have anything in common, yet we share so much. Though, in very different ways, we have both experienced loss. And now we are trusting the One who loves us to heal our wounds. Angie has written so many posts that I could have written. Her words have been mine, over and over again. And though I have never met her and probably won’t this side of heaven, I do so love and respect her.

As I read to the end of her blog, which was about God’s providence in the life of Moses, Angie had a quote from Jeanne Guyon's book.

When I read the quote, I knew that my aunt giving me Guyon's book on that particular day was not a coincidence. She told me that she had ordered the book years ago and had never read it. She had picked it up several days before, read most of it and knew she was supposed to give it to me.

I have read the book. And now I will go back and read it again and again. It is a book God has put in my hands and I am humbled that He would want me to read it.

This book was written in 1685. It was publicly burned all throughout France. And in years past, it was passed around on mimeographed copies. The person responsible for getting the book published in this edition said that when he first received a mimeographed copy, up at the top there was a handwritten note. It read, "That this little book has fallen into your hands is an indication that God desires to do a special work in your heart."

Oh my, how I agree.
Please consider this book, "... fallen into your hands..."

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