Thursday, March 12, 2009


"Faith expects from God
what is beyond all expectation."
Andrew Murray

This week's lesson from my Bible study, Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, can be summed up in one phrase. . . "What you do reveals what you believe about God."

When I read the above quote by Andrew Murray this morning, I had to ask myself. . . what have I quit expecting God for? What have I decided is beyond expectation and beyond hope? And what does that say about what I believe about God? What does it say about who I believe God to be? About His power? His might? What do my actions and my hopes have to say about what I believe about His love, His grace, His goodness?

Do my actions and my hopes say that I believe Him to be The Almighty and The God Most High? Are do they say that I believe there to be things that are mightier and higher than Him? Things like circumstances, consequences, strong-holds and addictions. Things like broken bodies and brain injuries. Things like weakness, weariness and sin.

Do I really believe what I say about Him?

Are my expectations from God beyond expectation?

Please understand that I'm not saying hope and expectations are ways to manipulate God. They aren't ways to get what we want.

But, hoping and expecting are ways of saying that if I do not receive what I have hoped for, that if God answers my prayer. . . my cry for help . . . in a different way, it won't be because it was too difficult for Him. It won't be because something or someone was more powerful or mightier. It will be because He sees what is best for me. It will be because as much as He would like to give me all the things I ask for, He is a good Father. And He knows what I want may not be the best thing for me and for the ones I love.

Now, will I live my life today believing that last paragraph is true?

Have you quit believing God for anything?

Are you expecting from Him what is beyond expectation?

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  1. I am believing and expecting what is beyond expectations. Thanks!!!