Thursday, April 9, 2009


This morning as I was thinking about God's love and how I found it, I told Him . . .

Sometimes the road you lay down for us to travel so we will know your love . . . really hurts.

Sometimes the path you allow us to choose so we will find you . . . really hurts.

Sometimes the hills and mountains we have to climb to find you loving us on the other side . . . really hurts.

Sometimes living in the dark so we can finally see your light . . . really hurts.

Sometimes your plans for us, so we will know that you aren't mad at us, so we'll know that you really do love us with an unfailing love and so we will know that you accept us just the way we are . . . really hurts.

I basically said, "God, sometimes your love hurts."

And He said, "I know."

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