Monday, June 22, 2009


Because of Jim's retirement from the Department of Defense, we can use the pool out on base. It is a wonderful facility and is very seldom crowded and it is five minutes from our house! It has an amazing lift that makes it super easy to get Ethan in and out of the pool. It is also very comfortable for him. We see this lift as a special gift from God and never cease to be thankful for it.

The lifeguard the other day told us that we are the only people that he has ever seen use it. I told Andrew, the lifeguard, that God knew Ethan was going to need it, so He provided it.

Of course, I'd rather see Ethan get in the pool by doing a big cannonball off the diving board. Or by using the ladder, but he can't. So we rejoice in God's blessings where we are and tell Him thank-you.

Here's just a few seconds of Ethan kicking. I was holding him while Jim was taking the video. The pool got deeper and I was running out of tippy- toes to stand on!! We'll have to try our recording skills again!

Enjoy! And, please continue to pray for Ethan.


  1. Loved the video. Praying and thinking of you guys daily...

  2. Way to GO Ethan. I think that is wonderful. You are indeed blessed to have the swimming pool so near and so nice. No place like Valparaiso. LOVE YOU Ethan. marylois