Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ethan is one of the bravest people I know.

But as I was thinking about him being in the pool and as I watched the video below, I realized the fact he can be so brave is that he trusts.

He trusts his dad.

Ethan can kick, move his arms, hold his breath. But the thing he can't do is the most critical. He can't bring himself out of the water to get a breath. He has to depend on his dad to do that. He knows Jim will come through. He knows he will pull him up for a breath.

There's been a few times when Jim waited too long. There's been times when Jim has been so excited about how well Ethan is swimming that he's been a little slow getting him up for a breath. Ethan's taken in a little water a few times but it hasn't stopped him from trusting his dad.

Ethan's dad has proven himself. He has proven himself over and over again. Ethan knows he is safe in the pool with his dad.

He knows he is safe even when he can't feel his dad's hands on him. He knows his dad is there when he can't see him. Ethan knows he is completely dependent on his dad while he is in the pool. And, that's OKay with him.

Like I said. . . his dad has proven himself to be faithful.

He has proven his love for Ethan by sacrifice.

Jim would never scare Ethan on purpose. He would never leave him underwater too long to teach him a lesson, to toughen him up. Jim could never forget that Ethan needs him. Jim will stay in the pool with Ethan as long as Ethan wants. He will do the same thing over and over again because Ethan needs him to get stronger. Ethan needs his dad to get back so much that was lost. He needs his dad to enjoy the life that God has given him.

I've never been brave. I've always wanted to be. I've tried to look brave. I've put on a brave face. But, the bottom line is, I'm not. Usually, I'm scared to death.

Maybe I need to watch the video again. Maybe I need to be reminded of what it's like to trust my Father. To trust in all the times He has been faithful. All the times He has come through.

Maybe I need to remember His sacrifice for me.

The sacrifice of His Son. His Only Son. The Son that knew no sin but became sin for me, that I might become the righteousness of God in Him. (2Cor 5:21)

I love Ethan. I love how God uses him in my life. I love what a blessing he is to me every day.

I love the image of the son trusting his dad.

I love the image of the dad's faithfulness.

I so regret that all of you who have prayed for Ethan, who have prayed for his body, can't see him swim firsthand.

I regret you can't see his big smile when Jim pulls him up out of the water.

It's so amazing.

Ethan is amazing.

So is his dad.

And so is mine.

My Father has always been there.

There's been plenty of times I've almost drowned. Times I thought I had gone under for the last time.

But, it wasn't because My Father, my lifesaver, wasn't there.

It was because I forgot how helpless I was without Him.

I've tried to save myself. . . over and over again.

I forget that I need my Father in life as much as Ethan needs Jim in the pool.

Enjoy the short, little clip of Ethan swimming. . . and of him trusting.

May you be blessed.


  1. That is just absolutely amazing!!!
    Forget the Peachtreed Rd Race, Ethan-we will be doing a Triathlon. Thanks for the word picture, Cheri. It was so good as always.

  2. That is AWESOME! Heads up Michael Phelps!

  3. Cheri, I just wanted to tell you how touched and encouraged I am by watching this video of Ethan and how proud I am of him! He is such an encouragement to me and Ben. We miss you guys and you are always in our prayers!

  4. Wow, that video clip just made my day. Thanks for sharing Shishe. And you look great "E"