Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We have boxes of Christmas pictures but these three are some of my favorites.

I guess because they are so typical.

First, we'd set the boys up for a photo shoot. Here they are in their Christmas pj's with a Santa doll from their Aunt Shelby and Uncle Jack.

We always had great expectations.

The laughs you see were probably the result of one of them saying some kind of bathroom word.

Cute, aren't they?

The next shot could have easily been predicted. Ethan's reaching over to pinch Seth's leg, smiling and looking like a little angel at the same time.

And, here's the final shot. A grab around the neck and the wrestling and lovin' begins.

I can almost guarantee that when we take pictures this Christmas, it will be the same scenario.

Smiling. . . looking like angels, some type of pinching or messin' with and the whole thing will end with lots of lovin'.

I love my boys.

I hope this Christmas that you have lots of smiles and angels.

That you have someone you love around to mess with you.

And, that it all ends with lots of lovin'.

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  1. TOO CUTE. Lost my Password. MaryLois