Monday, February 8, 2010


I woke up early this morning with a bad head-ache.


After a while I picked up my laptop and got caught up on a couple of my favorite blogs. I found this on Kelly's blog. My heart was touched as I read each testimony and as I sat here and saw lives that had been changed by God's power, His love and His grace. Lives that had been changed by the same God that changed mine.

I don't know the people that walked across this altar with a piece of cardboard in their hands. A piece of cardboard that tells their God Story. But, they are my brothers and sisters. This morning they have blessed me, encouraged me and reminded me of the Mighty God I have.

A while back, I had gone for a walk and I was thinking and talking to God about everything He had done for me over the last few years. I remember saying, "God, if I had to tell someone in just a few, short words how I know You are true. How I know it's all been true, what would I say? Very quickly these words came to my mind. "I didn't die. It didn't kill me."

The very thing that I would have sworn would have killed me, didn't. In fact God gave me life through it. He gave me the life with Him I had always wanted.

Maybe that would be my cardboard testimony.

I don't know.

God has done so much in my life, I'd need His help to choose just one thing to share.

What would you write?

What would your cardboard testimony be?


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