Monday, June 21, 2010


"People who have let go of their expectations of how they think life is supposed to look usually stumble upon gratitude-which is a wonderful thing to find. You stop waiting for life to begin when it's fixed and all the broken parts are healed. It's now, in this moment, this conversation, this sunset."*

I Am Grateful . . .

26. for safe trips
27. for sunshine after driving in blinding rain
28. for bright
red tail lights in front of me during the blinding rain
29. for a God wh
o is faithful to His promises
30. the Creator can re-create the Gulf of Mexico and our beaches
31. for people who rescue and clean birds and turtles
32. for doctors

33. that doctors can be wrong
34. for fathers who lo
ve their children
35. for quiet conviction instead of the hammer of condemnation

36. for Nick and
Mark, and their love for Ethan

37. that Ethan said Saturday was one of the
"best days he's had in a long time"
38. that I can hear Seth and Ethan laughing

39. that God isn't like man

40. that joy comes in the morning

41. for jobs in Pensacola

42. that God looks for
the lost sheep
43. for birthday cards, especially the one from Randy
44. for
the park

45. that in the chaos, God is in control

46. for my aunts that love me
47. for Charles Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening Devotions"

48. for a birth
day cake and the thought behind it

49. for wheelchairs (that was a hard one)
50. that summer colds come to an end
51. for rainbows
52. that broken hearts
can be healed
53. that God loves the young man I saw standing
along the highway with a sign that said he was broke and hungry
54. that my sons are not standing along the highway with a sign that says they are broke an
d hungry
55. for being their ShiShe

*from the book "Better Than Your Dreams" by Paula Rinehart


  1. Shishe,
    The pictures on the new post are great. I love the one of "E" and Seth. So glad Seth is back home. Hope you had a wonderful you.

  2. This is wonderful!

    Count your blessings one by one.

    Thank you so much for sharing the quote from Spurgeon on my blog today. He is so wise.

    Happy Birthday, by the way!

    I'm a June girl, too.

    Love, Kim

    (p.s. please delete if a previous one turns up..thought I sent it, but it didn't show up.)

  3. Beautiful.

    I too bare a burden for the homeless... I like you often give to them... but usually not caring to give money because I am scared they will use it for wrong... how do you get over that? I usually give food or bring them to my home for a shower.

    Thank you for your entry this week... God Bless.

  4. "The band-aids that have held your emotions in the private places of your heart, aren't sticking. You want them to stick. You want to stay in control. But, the band-aids, they just won't stick.'


    How true this is, but thanks be to God for Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for such an uplifting and encouraging post.