Friday, December 31, 2010

IN 2010 . . .

 We enjoyed the quiet.

We laughed.

And we laughed.

We watched sunsets from the pier.

And we told strangers about our miracle.

There were times we felt small and insignificant.

And times we heard Him call our names.

We shared and we listened.

We touched just to make sure we weren't dreaming.

We watched fireworks over the bayou.

We rejoiced when Seth moved closer to home.

We celebrated ordinary days.

We found old friends on Facebook.
(That's me on the right.)

We went for long walks.

We told friends good bye.

We cheered with one of our two favorite athletes.

We went to the beach.

We remembered that God tells us that His thoughts toward us outnumber the grains of sand.

We acted like we were 12.

And pretended that we were tourists.

We texted. (Some more than others.)

The Creator awed us.

We celebrated with our loved ones when their team won.

We thanked God for time with special people.

We held each other up.

We posed for dad over and over again.

We loved and got loved back.

We were amazed.

We loved on each other.

We thanked God for clean oil-free beaches and wondered why we get to live in such a beautiful place.

We played music and we took pictures.

We remembered. . .

and we remembered.

We were amazed how much people love us.

We realized the greatest gifts come from above.

We lived everyday in His mercies and by His grace.

Some moments were prettier than others.

We doubted and we trusted.

We hoped and we despaired.

We fell and we got up.

We fought and we forgave.

We laughed and we cried.

Oh boy, did we cry.

And it was all covered by God's Grace.

May your 2011 be covered in the same.

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