Friday, August 12, 2011


A recent convert to Jesus was approached by an unbelieving friend: "So you have been converted to Christ?"


"Then you must know a great deal about Him. Tell me, what country was He born in?"

"I don't know."

"How many sermons did He preach?"

"I don't know."

"You certainly know very little for a man who claims to be converted to Christ."

"You are right. I am ashamed at how little I know about Him. But this much I know:  Three years ago I was a drunkard. I was in debt. My family was falling to pieces; they dreaded the sight of me. But now I have given up drink. We are out of debt. Ours is a happy home. My children eagerly await my return home each evening. All this Christ has done for me. This much I know of Christ."

from the book The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus by Brennan Manning

I was walking one morning, and a question came to mind.

I asked it out loud.

"Lord, if I could only use a few short words to tell someone how I know what I know about You is true, what would I say?"

I didn't try to answer my question.

The idea of using a few short words, to describe who God is to me and what He has done for me, seemed impossible.

As I continued to walk, plugged into my iPod, I sang to The Creator of all the beauty I saw around me.

While lost in the beauty of my surroundings and words of praise, God gave me my answer.

"You didn't die, Cheri. You tell them that you didn't die. That which you thought would kill you, didn't. You are alive."

Yes. I am ashamed that I don't know more about Jesus.

But, I know what I know:

I know He is real and alive and that He is closer to me than my own heart.

How do I know?

I didn't die.

What I thought would kill me, didn't.

I am alive.

Jesus said . . . "Go home to your friends 
and tell them how much 
the Lord has done for you, 
and how He has had mercy on you."

Mark 5:19


  1. Love this one. So True. Thanks!!!

  2. Oh, I just love the story about your walk. And for the record, I am SO GLAD you didn't die. Just paused to send up a praise that you not only lived, but that you LIVE to spread the awesome news of JESUS!!!