Saturday, January 21, 2012


As I sit here in the hospital, beside my daddy, I am so thankful for the truth of these words from Charles Spurgeon's message "Around the Wicket Gate."

"Often realize the joy of heaven. This is grand faith; and yet it is no more than we ought to have. Within a very short time the man who believes in the Lord Jesus shall be with Him where He is. This head will wear a crown; these eyes shall see the King in His beauty; these ears shall hear His own dear voice; this soul shall be in glory; and this poor body shall be raised from the dead and joined in incorruption to the perfected soul! Glory, glory, glory! And so near, so sure. Let us at once rehearse the music and anticipate the bliss!

But cries one, "We are not there yet." No, but faith fills us with delight in the blessed prospect, and meanwhile it sustains us on the road."


We are sustained.

By knowing that Daddy will be with Him where He is.

By knowing that Daddy will wear a crown as a child of God.

By knowing that Daddy will see The King in all His beauty.

By knowing that Daddy will hear the voice of God calling his name. 

By knowing that Daddy's soul will soon be glorified 

and that his body will be as perfected as his soul.

We sing Glory, Glory, Glory, as we delight in the anticipation of Daddy being with his Savior, Jesus Christ.


We are sustained.


  1. Blessings sent your way.... In the arms of JESUS... all of you are...

  2. Praying for you all and rejoicing that he will be with his Lord and Savior for eternity. I love you.