Thursday, February 23, 2012


I was standing on Seth's balcony, overlooking the bay, when my breath was taken away.

The sky, the clouds and the water looked as if it they were on fire.

The birds and the dolphins were feeding.

The birds flew close enough that, if I had been quick enough, I could have touched them.

There were so many dolphins swimming in the reflection of the sun, I lost count.

I wondered what it all must look like from the other side.

The other side where my dad is now.

Knowing I wouldn't hear his voice, I asked him anyway.

"Daddy, just what does all this look like from where you are?"

No. I didn't hear his voice.

He's gone and we are separated for now.

But I did hear words stored deep in my heart.

"Eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard . . ."

And I believe if I could have heard my sweet dad answering my question it would have been, "Nothing. It looks like nothing. It looks absolutely like nothing compared . . ."

  "The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it,
 for the glory of God illuminated it.  
The Lamb is its light."

 Revelation 21:23

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