Sunday, August 26, 2012


"Asking where you are, Lord. 
Wondering where you've been.
 Is like standing in a hurricane, trying to find the wind."  
Already All I Need by Christy Nockels

As we wait for Hurricane Isaac, I am reminded that a hurricane without the wind is as impossible as my life is without His presence. For that I rejoice and give thanks.

"I can never escape from your Spirit.
I can never get away from your presence!"
Psalm 139:7


  1. Oh love this, and the photo's of the ocean are magnificent. I'm glad you stopped by Behind the Gate and I has the opportunity to meet you. Have a safe and blessed day.

  2. Lovely. But hope you came through that windy battle successfully. Here we're so buried in drought...our whole state looks pretty awful now ... and you and others having a different struggle. ONLY OUR LORD can bring us through.