Sunday, December 16, 2012


When I ask Him how.

When I ask Him how will they come to know Him.

When I ask Him how we will continue to meet Ethan's needs.

When I ask Him how He will heal the hearts that were shattered this past Friday.

"Since He did not spare even His own Son 
but gave Him up for us all, 
won't He also give us everything else?"
Romans 8: 32


  1. An encouraging word in the midst of chaos, thank you. A reminder to see from His perspective.

  2. Yes, He knows... and those little ones, if none others, are presently with Him. He's the Only One Who can heal hearts when we see, or are part of, one of these horrible/horrific events. So much around our town, our nation, our world.

    Bless you... AND a blizzard is hitting our region right now. Cars [well, the drivers] on their way home from work are hitting the crawling stretch of time. That's tough. I'm quietly HOME!!!