Sunday, January 20, 2013


"Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow."

We said good-bye to my mother on January 14.

The day after her funeral I stood over the interrupted ground, where her body now lay beside my dad.

I reached down to touch the flowers. Our last gift to her.

I was amazed that the rose had not been marked by the wind and the rain from the night before.

It was whiter than snow.

And I thought, this is what Jesus did for my mother.

And this is what Jesus has done for me.

By His blood, He has made us whiter than snow.

Psalm 51:7



  1. There is so much power in the blood. Praying for your peace during your time of bereavement.

  2. How lovely.
    May your mother and father continue to rest in peace.
    I hope you and yours have a blessed week.

  3. Beautiful... rose, words and verse, I am sorry for your loss.

  4. I am so, so, so sad to read this news. Happy for your mama, of course, but sending prayers of comfort, peace, and love to those of you left here to miss her.

  5. May God continue to give you comfort. The white rose is beautiful--a good symbol for Psalm 51:7

    I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment on my blog.