Friday, June 7, 2013


 The disciple Peter asked Jesus, "How many times when my brother sins against me do I have to forgive him? Seven times?"

Jesus answered, " Not seven times but seventy times seven."

If Peter's feelings had been hurt in the last week, I'm sure he didn't like the answer.

I ask Jesus some similar questions. But they aren't about someone sinning against me.

They are about me sinning against Him.

"LORD, how many times do I have to fall before you say ENOUGH.

"How many times do I have to fall over the same stumbling block before you walk away and leave me on my own?"

"How many times am I going to fall into the same pit of reaction and imagined retaliation,  before you decide to just leave me in it until I can claw myself out of it?"

Jesus doesn't say seventy times seven. Or seventy times seven hundred. Or seventy times seven thousand.

And I'm glad, because I am probably close to reaching the limit.

He says, "I'll pick you up every time you fall. And then some. "

Five Minute Friday


  1. oh yes. Such sweet encouragement for me this morning. Thank you for sharing. So grateful He will pick me up every time I fall. Because, like you, it is often!!

  2. Hi Cheri, I am a FMF neighbor. I loved your posting! I love that our Lord will pick us up every single time we fall. And, he does.

    Thanks for reminding me of that amazing blessing! I look forward to reading other postings. Patti

  3. Hello Cheri! I love the line about reaching your limit. I am there friend. And I think I've been there for quite some time. Loved your post.

  4. Dear Cheri
    Yes, dear one, we are all pushing our limits daily, but He never gives up for He looks at us trying over and over again until we learn how to trust Him! What a great assurance, thank you!
    Happy FMF