Thursday, April 24, 2008

California Dreamin'

Don't you love my new tee-shirt? I do! When my cousin, Mary Jo told me she and her husband were going to California, I asked her to bring me a souvenir tee-shirt. Then I told her this little story.....
On the first day of a new Bible study, the leader had us go around the room and tell about our favorite pair of shoes. It was meant to be a get- to- know- one- another thing. The leader started off by saying she loved new running shoes. She said she always felt like she could run faster and jump higher and had so much more energy when she had new running shoes. Another girl said her favorite pair of shoes were the ones the leader had on and she wanted to know where she got them and were they expensive. After a discussion on how we could all get sandals just like the leader's, we continued around the circle. The last person to tell about her favorite shoes was a new girl to our group. Really sweet girl and rather quiet. She said that her favorite shoes were also her running shoes explaining that she didn't run, but her shoes made every body think that she did! So funny. So true. Love those perceptions.

Thus my request for a tee-shirt from California. Now God may have a wonderful trip to some exciting place all planned out for me but so for I haven't been let in on the plans. Let's just say that where I travel these days you could get souvenir tee-shirts for about 10 for $10. Now we do have a beautiful vacation spot right over the bridge, but how impressive is it to wear a tee-shirt from the town that's next door?

So now when I wear my new shirt to the grocery store, the people in line with me will think the reason I look so relaxed and rested is because I just got back from San Diego. I just hope they don't ask me where I stayed or if I have any pictures from my trip with me!

And how exciting is it that it is a large and not an extra-large?!?!?!?!
Thanks again!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your blog and although I don't always leave a comment it is truly blessing me. It is like having a little mini devo while checking the daily blogs. I am glad you like your t-shirt and hope you get lots of comments. You might be surprised at the conversations it may spark. are the only one who received a t-shirt at all from this trip. I had all of my kids one picked out from the Bubba Gump Restuarant in Santa Monica(ones that they would have actually worn) Norman came in and tried to get a bulk discount and because the lady would not give us a break he made me leave them on the counter. I was so mad. Needless to say no more shopping was done.

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you...I'm glad you like the size!!! You look great in the pics from the wedding. I loved your dress. I am so proud of you. I know it has not been easy. Hopefully, things will settle down up here soon and I can actually receive/place a call.

  3. Isn't it interesting what small things some people will talk to you about?? It is nice to have a conversation piece to share.

  4. Great Blog! Cute Shirt! Nice Size! Now all you need is a real vacation!

  5. Consider yourself very lucky because you are the only one who got a tshirt!! Mom did her best, but Daddy wanted to haggle and they wouldn't do it so he wouldn't buy them :-) Fun, Fun! Congrats on the size too. That's AWESOME!!