Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Dads

Memorial Day

My dad served in World War II. Here is a brief excerpt from his hometown newspaper in 1942:

"Bob....has seen action in the Pacific since the war began, having been in two of the great naval engagements in the war area. Two war ships he was aboard were hit by enemy shells and the Lexington was sunk under him. He had been transferred to that great aircraft carrier just a short time before it went down. Bob came home for a short visit directly from the Pacific war zone. He wouldn't tell of his experiences, however. He is proud to be in the Navy, and advises others to join that branch of the service. Bob quit school two years ago to enlist, and he says that he has never regretted it."

He is our hero in too many ways to count.

Jim's dad, J.D., also served in World War II, joining the Army Air Corps in 1942. He followed WWII with a career in the military, and retired from the United States Air Force after more than 30 years of dedicated and faithful service to his country.

J.D. was a decorated veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War.

We lost Paw Paw in 1999. We miss him everyday.

Please remember the 4082 American heroes who have given their lives in Iraq and the 507 who have given their lives in Afghanistan in service to their country.


  1. Thanks Cheri. This is a beautiful tribute. I am so grateful for the sacrifices all the men in the armed services have made so we can live in freedom. They are my HEROs. LOVE YOU MaryLois

  2. I loved the pictures!! I think that your dad and Seth favor in that picture. Thanks for the tribute to these wonderful people.

  3. and please don't forget the military peoples who are still fighting for us now, and remember their families. All of them are sacrificing right now.
    Thanks Cheri

  4. Thanks to all those fallen heros! Where would we be without them. They sacrificed so much!!

  5. This is a wonderful tribute to those who have given us the freedom we all enjoy.