Friday, August 16, 2013


I know it's hard to be a little guy in this big old world.

You see, this big old world is just hard.

You bark at strangers.  You want to make sure they know you are here. That they don't overlook you. You want your little life to matter.

I get that.

Something new scares you and you think you have to act all big and tough just to protect yourself.

I get that too.

When you walk on the leash, you forget that I love you and that I put it on you to protect you from others and from your own stubborn self.

You get tired and the way back home is too long but you want to be on your own. So you struggle and pant and make things harder on yourself.

I get all that.

What I've learned from living in this big old hard world is that the only way to survive it is to be small.

When you feel like you are too small to be noticed, hide behind Someone whose life is the only one that has ever mattered.

When you are afraid, be small enough to crawl into the lap of Someone who will hold you and protect you until the danger has passed.

When you want to do things your way and you fight the leash, remember that it's put on you with a perfect unconditional love by Someone who knows exactly what you need and where you should walk.

When you are too tired to walk and you are only making things more painful for yourself, let that Someone carry you. He will never drop you and the trip will be more restful and beautiful than you ever could have imagined.

You can never just be small when you choose to be small.

 Five minutes to write on the word small.
Meeting up with friends from all over the world.
That's really the fun part of this whole thing.

Five Minute Friday


  1. What a great way of looking at it! :)
    Stopping by from FMF. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. This is so clever--the analogy between your sweet little pup and our own smallness (and safety) in God's hands. I'm reminded of something my childhood pastor said at the end of every baptism: "You belong to Jesus. He will never let you down, and He will never let you go." Thanks for sharing this unique perspective!

  3. Hi Cheri! I agree that you can't be just small, when you're small. If we get out of the way we shine! How beautiful to reflect on your life in God through your little buddy!

    I have enjoyed visiting your blog!

  4. What a very creative post! Thank you for sharing!