Sunday, August 18, 2013

"But if we hope for what we do not see, 
we eagerly wait for it with endurance."
Romans 8:25 NET

I live in a place where people think it is their birthright to roam around in the white sand, to swim in the blue-green waters that surround them, and to soak up as much sunshine as they safely can.

But this summer that birthright seems as though it has temporarily been suspended.

It has rained and rained. And rained.

Tourist feel as though they have wasted their money. Children feel like their summer has been stolen. Businesses have suffered. Our waters have lost much of their color and sparkle. And the locals are, well, a bit depressed.

There's been a lot of whining.

But I've noticed something.

The days when the sun has peeked through and shown itself, it has never shone brighter.

And the days when the sky has been painted blue, it has never looked bluer.

And the days when the clouds have lost their grey and they are puffy and white, they fill the sky with what looks like delicious cotton-candy.

I've been reminded, in the waiting and in the hoping for sunny days, that they will come. And when they do, the waiting will have been worth it and God's glory will shine brighter than ever before and that my lips will sing a new song and that I will have a new story to tell.


  1. I have come to love the rain - but when the clouds clear and the sky blues up- oh, my - it is joyous celebration:) I am loving the coolness of this summer, though some days I think I need a canoe to get to my garden:) Wishing you blue skies and sparkling sunshine this week!

  2. This is beautiful message, Cheri. Thank you so much for sharing and for stopping by my place today.
    Blessings to you.

  3. The waiting... that's the time when we truly grow up in God. I love the analogy between the weather and our spiritual walk, Cheri. He's a God of the sun and the rain, the mountaintop and the valley!

  4. i'm drawn right in by that photo! take me there ...

  5. I sure do miss those gorgeous beaches, the sun, and the warm rain storms