Friday, April 4, 2014


Five Minute Friday

The word:  WRITER

She stood to give her testimony, and she said she was a writer. She testified that God had answered her prayers and had fulfilled her dreams. Her writing has been recognized, awarded, and published. She also said it was in His time and not hers.

I want to say, "Hey. I'm a writer too." But that's a label I wear tucked away. Hidden like an undergarment or the label that tells the size of my jeans.

And then we opened our Bibles to Judges and we read how Gideon's men went into battle each carrying an empty pitcher and a trumpet.  No swords. No worldly weapons. Just an empty pitcher and a trumpet.

Gideon and his men were called into battle to defeat their enemies. And aren't we all called to do the same.

And I know God wouldn't send me or you into battle without a weapon because, after all, He has called us conquerors and light always outshines the darkness and I know He has already won the biggest battle of all.

The room is filled with women shaking their heads yes and saying amen and they are God's warriors and they are willing to fight.

And though I am surrounded by these warriors, and the room is full, it is though I am alone with God and I know He is once again telling me to put my fingers to the keys and tell my story.

Telling my story of God's mercy and grace, and remembering all His benefits, is my weapon.

A weapon I've laid down because it didn't seem to make much sense. Me typing out words that people may or may not read. Me, the most un-warrior like person I know. Me, the one that would prefer God to just work it all out and then wake me up and tell me the battle is over and that it is safe to come outside and play. Yes, it makes about as much sense as God sending Gideon and his men into battle with an empty pitcher and a trumpet when they were outnumbered 450 to 1.

But God had a plan for Gideon and his men, and they were victorious.

And God has a battle plan for me. 

So in God's strength, and in His might, I will pick up my weapon once again and fight on.

"The LORD is with you O valiant warrior."
Judges 6:12


  1. This is inspiring! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia