Sunday, May 11, 2014


I was awake at 2:30 this morning and no, I wasn't happy about it.

But I thought of all the mothers I know and I started prayng for them.

I prayed for my friend that has been waiting to be a mother and the fear and disappointment that must come with the waiting and I prayed that God would give her a baby and that he would fill her with hope and encouragement while she waits.

And I prayed for my friends whose children are struggling with addictions and how those mamas are holding on to God with everything they have and how they both know that God is really the one doing all the holding.

And I prayed for my mama friends who won't see their children today because of distance and busy lives and how much they will miss them and I asked God to fill all the empty places and time with his great love and presence.

I thought about my friends who are losing their moms, little by little, to dementia and how brave these daughters are and how they want to help but feel helpless.  I asked God to give them strength, and wisdom, and comfort.

And I prayed for the mamas in the ICU with their babies. I don't know them but I know they are there and I know how they feel.

And I prayed for my mama friends who have gotten diagnoses that I wished didn't exist. Diagnoses that come with words I wish no one had to hear again.

I thanked God for three new mamas and the miracle of every birth.

And I prayed for all the mothers like me who have a tendency to beat themselves up for their mistakes and how they long for the do-overs that aren't possible and I prayed that we would all accept God's grace so we will have it to give to the ones we love.  The ones that call us Mom.

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