Friday, May 23, 2014


We went to our Summer Sanctuary yesterday.

It is one of the places where I have my most worshipful moments and where I feel God the closest.

Funny, because I would rather be at the beach that is right over the bridge.

But "rathers" aren't reality and I have found when I give thanks for what I'd rather not have it turns into a pretty amazing gift.

So I give thanks for the concrete instead of the sand and the salt water that is pumped in through a filter and for the lift that gently lowers Ethan into this gift.

And when I watch him swim and kick his legs, the legs that don't usually move, God is all around me and I can't help but worship Him.

The joy that Ethan experiences is contagious and that joy causes me to enter into this Summer Sanctuary with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise!

Five Minute Friday


  1. I loved reading this post, your story, and scanning through your blog today. What a beautiful story God is writing through your life! I enjoyed seeing the post with notes around the house too... it reminded me of my identity. Thank you sweet sister in Christ for your writing. Have a wonderful Friday! Mandi

  2. I wanted to say how very much I appreciate your writing-although your story is very different to mine, in the end it is the same-about learning to trust Him fully, depending on His grace and mercy, and knowing His goodness to us despite what is happening around us. Thank you so much for your writing-you have a beautiful way of communicating His heart-I would love to hear all of your story sometime...( : With love, Vicky x